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Looking for Rainbows

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Kelly Neff Speaks - Tuesday Treasures -Looking for Rainbows
Photo: Kelly Neff

Even in the midst of life’s darkest storms, the Lord is faithful. Nowhere does He promise to give us lives without difficulty. He does, however, promise to never leave matter what. When storms come our way, we are faced with a choice. Will we jump ship when the waves begin to get rough, or will we choose to batten down the hatches and ride out the storm with the Captain? Sometimes the storm is so great you feel as if you have been tossed overboard as giant waves crash over you, pushing you down, choking you as you try to reach the surface to gasp for a breath of air before the next wave comes crashing in again. You can be sure that your Captain is on deck braving the storm with you and He is stretching out His strong arm reaching for you to pull you in. It may be difficult to see it through the tumultuous water, but I assure you, His hand is there. Even if you cannot see His hand, you must reach out towards Him. He can see you and will grasp you by the wrist and will not let you go, even if you are not able to grasp His. Once you are safely back on board with your Captain, it may still take quite some time until the storm begins to dissipate. As the thick clouds and stormy gales begin to subside and the light begins to permeate the darkness, you may find that there is permanent damage left in the wake of the storm that will have lasting effects. If you choose to focus solely on the wreckage left behind, your gaze will be downcast and you will have no hope of witnessing the beauty of the calm after the storm. It is always there, sometimes bold with many colors, sometimes only a faint wisp of color that evaporates as quickly as it comes. You must know in what direction to look and you must search for it with haste or you will miss its beauty. The rainbow is God’s symbol of His faithfulness and mercy. I am thankful that He continues to show me rainbows when I look for them. May you look for them also, if you do, He is faithful to show them to you!❤️

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