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FIG TREE ~ Treasures for the Heart & Home ~ Enters Video in CHIPSTARTER 2.0!


I’ve always had BIG DREAMS but never had the courage to act on them until I launched an online store called FIG TREE last June. There’s an unmistakable similarity between pieces I restore and people who are hurting and broken. My dream is to have extra income for my family and to help fund TOM (Together Overcoming Mountains), an organization I began in memory of my son as a reminder that “Together with God and those he has placed around us, we can Overcome even the most daunting Mountains.” Last June I never imagined how much my life was going to change. My husband got sick in January, found out he had cancer in February, and passed away in May. FIG TREE was put on hold as I became a full-time caregiver. I am now a widow raising a young daughter while growing a new business, a nonprofit, and a speaking career. I need an assistant, new tools and a trailer. If chosen, it will give FIG TREE and TOM tools and exposure to take flight and literally give me a stage to tell my story of hope, restoration and freedom.

Blessings friend!

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