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~Tuesday Treasures~

Updated: Jan 29, 2019


Kelly Neff Speaks - Tuesday Treasures
Artwork: Kelly Neff

This is the first of an ongoing series of weekly stories about people, just like you and me, who have faced personal struggles and are choosing to walk through the pain instead of trying to escape it. These stories are meant to inspire others who may be struggling with similar circumstances to do the same. I am calling these stories, “Tuesday Treasures.” If you don’t want to miss any please sign up for our emails!

The first story is from a recent Facebook post of a friend of mine and is shared with her permission. Her life journey has been difficult, but she has decided to keep walking forward anyway. It has been a blessing to watch her grow into the strong lady that she is today.

Written by Laura Jergens, posted September 14, 2018

“For the past week, I've felt the urge to share a story since it's National Suicide Prevention Week. I honestly never planned on talking about it. But this issue affects so many every day and we don't even realize it. I was only 3, when suicide came crashing into my life like a sledgehammer. My father was struggling with epilepsy and had hit a low point in his life that made it too hard to live with anymore. I can only imagine what he was feeling. But since I was so young, I didn't really grasp it till years later. I remember how I use to look for him every day, thinking he would just come back and he was only away somewhere. It left a whole in me that I carried into adulthood. It followed me everywhere I went. As a teen, I tried to fill it with all the wrong things. But it didn't stop there. I missed my daddy so much, I just wanted to be with him. I had this thought that I'd take my own life just like him. I know that doesn't make sense but my pain was all I felt. It was like death followed me for years and every trial and tragedy I went through just made it worse. Then came a day where I hit the lowest I'd ever been. I couldn't keep going and I even planned how. Deep down something inside of me wanted to stop but I knew I didn't have the strength except to make one call to a friend. I asked her to pray because I didn't know if I'd make it through the week. It was at that moment, that my friends carried me when I couldn't. And I felt the arms of my Heavenly Father reach down and pick me up out of that pit and heal my heart. That spirit of death was gone and I felt whole again. I share this to say that there is hope and there is help! Don't quit! You are loved with an everlasting love. You are not alone! If you're struggling, call a friend or the hotline but don't give up! The sun will rise again, it always does. No matter how dark life can get, the morning will come! God loves you and He can heal your heart. If my story only helps one person, then it was worth sharing.” #nationalsuicidepreventionweek

Thank you, Laura, for being brave and allowing me to share your story. I know there is someone who needed to hear it today.

If that person is you, please remember TOM, and that Together we can Overcome even the most daunting Mountains. The storm that you are facing will pass. It won’t last forever. There are people around you that love you and want to help you, please tell someone today!

Blessings Friends!

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