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You probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you that it’s possible to experience profound joy in the midst of gut-wrenching heartache…


From the night Kelly’s son took his own life, she began searching for answers to the inevitable questions…WHY?... WHY WOULD HE DO IT?... WHAT WAS GOING THROUGH HIS MIND?

After much soul-searching and sifting through the lies that ravage you as a parent, she has come to understand just how powerful our thoughts really are. Healthy thoughts based on truth can propel you to live a joy-filled life of purpose, while 'Skewed Viewz' not only hold you back from your potential, they have the power to destroy you if left unchecked.

Kelly shares why it is so important to examine your perspective when faced with difficult life circumstances. She shows how your perception of a situation can evoke strong feelings, which are very real, but if your view is even slightly askew, those overwhelming feelings may be based on an illusion. Acting on those strong feelings when they are based on 'Skewed Viewz' can be disastrous, life-changing, and even deadly.

Kelly’s son, in a moment of desperation, acted on impulse when faced with a situation that felt overwhelming to him at the time.  The consequences of his actions in that moment cannot be changed, and the tragedy is that what looked like a mountain to him at the time was really only a molehill in disguise.



-Our feelings are very real, but the perspective they are based on may be faulty.

-A faulty perspective fuels Fear, Insecurity, and Guilt, all of which have the power to hold you in chains, like a prisoner.

-'Skewed Viewz’ not only hold you back from your potential, they have the power to destroy you if left unchecked.

-Sometimes what appears to be a mountain is really just a molehill in disguise.

-When you persistently and intentionally change the way you think, you change the way you live.


This keynote will challenge the audience to consider the perspective they have of difficult circumstances before acting on any overwhelming feelings they may be experiencing. By sharing her real-life journey filled with open and honest emotion, and a bit of humor along the way, Kelly will show in an impactful way that your thoughts hold great power. The audience will learn to recognize thoughts rooted in fear, insecurity, and guilt and understand that these are red flags that their perspective is askew. They will come away inspired to change the way they think and ultimately the way they live!

Kelly Neff is a kind, loving and gentle speaker. Her words are filled with the best kind of wisdom, the kind that comes from experiencing deep and overwhelming sorrows. She has become a valued guide to those who suffer.

Kris Horlacher, RN BSN, Founder/Executive Director, shoes for the shoeless


Dayton, OH, USA

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