You probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you that it’s possible to experience profound joy in the midst of gut-wrenching heartache…


… You may not believe it, but it is true!


It is possible to experience profound joy even in the midst of gut-wrenching heartache. I can tell you this with assurance because I am experiencing it. Getting to the place where I can say that was not easy, in fact, it has been a very rough road.

From the night my son took his own life, I have been on a journey, searching for answers. I am driven by the need to make some sense out of it. I am compelled to understand why a young man with so much potential, so much to live for, and who was loved so very much, would do what he did.

After losing someone you love to suicide your mind is ravaged with lies that tell you it's your fault or you should have seen it coming or you could have prevented it somehow. It is a daily battle to sift the lies from the truth. Those lies will eat you alive if you let them. As I search for answers I am learning that I cannot control what happened, but I can control how I respond. I am learning just how powerful our thoughts really are.


I am not suggesting that all you need to do is just think positively and all of your problems will be solved because that would be a lie. Navigating the unexpected twists and turns on the pathway of life requires more than a positive outlook, it also requires action. It requires guarding the gates of your mind to keep the lies out while strategically focusing on what is true and then taking steps of faith to put that truth into action. 


Here is what I am discovering...


Healthy thought patterns are intentional. They are rooted in the truth and when put into action they will lead you to a joy-filled life of purpose. They literally have the ability to carve out new pathways in our brains. On the other hand, unhealthy thought patterns, what I call 'Skewed Viewz' not only hold you back from your potential, they also have the power to destroy you if left unchecked. Unhealthy thought patterns also have the ability to carve out pathways in our brains. Once these pathways begin to be carved out, whether healthy or unhealthy, it gets easier and easier to travel down them as they become well-worn., habitual, and almost instinctive behaviors.


So it boils down to this... What you choose to believe has the power to move the mountains that stand before you or the power to cut you off from the purpose for which you were created. It is your choice. You get to determine the outcome. You get to finish the story.

Will you allow bitterness to bury you in pain? Will you allow sorrow to swallow your joy? Will you allow rage to rob you of peace? Will you allow fear to imprison you, or will you choose to break free? How will your story end, my friend?

I am still writing my story and as I climb each mountain on this journey, I'm discovering my life's purpose through my pain. Join my next Mountain Climbing 101 group today and let me show you how I am finding hope, healing, and freedom. Do it right now before doubts, excuses, and fears fill your mind and keep you right where you are... hopeless, wounded, and imprisoned. It won't be easy, but making the decision to climb your daunting mountain is the first step toward overcoming it. It will change your life in ways that far exceed anything you could ask or imagine!

Together we can Overcome even the most daunting Mountains!



Kelly Neff is a kind, loving and gentle speaker. Her words are filled with the best kind of wisdom, the kind that comes from experiencing deep and overwhelming sorrows. She has become a valued guide to those who suffer.

Kris Horlacher, RN BSN, Founder/Executive Director, shoes for the shoeless


Dayton, OH, USA

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