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Isolation or Protection?

Kelly Neff Speaks - Tuesday Treasures - Isolation or Protection 10-22-2019
Photo: Pixabay, carlidinsmore

Whether we are dealing with disappointment, dashed hopes, deep despair, or the darkness of depression, our human tendency is to withdraw from God and those around us in times of difficulty. We often retreat inwardly, much like the box turtle does when a predator draws near.

When a box turtle senses danger, it pulls its legs, tail, and head into its shell for protection until the threat is gone. Many times, we instinctively use what appears to be a similar defense mechanism when difficulty comes our way. Like the turtle, we retreat inwardly. But by isolating, we are inadvertently putting ourselves at greater risk to be devoured by a ruthless predator.

You see, isolation may be our instinctive response when we are seeking safety, but it yields the exact opposite. It turns us into easy prey. It is like crawling out of our protective shells. When we do this, we leave ourselves exposed and vulnerable to attack.

The truth is, our support system is our protective shell. We must resist the urge to isolate, and instead, nestle deeply into the armor and shield of our faith and those who love and support us.

May we have the wisdom, strength, and courage to resist the instinctive temptation that beckons us to retreat inwardly. There is no safety in isolation. It is an illusion! Beware, my friend, it is a trap!

If you are facing great difficulty, may you experience the safety and comfort of your protective shell today. It is a beautiful work of art that was designed for your protection.


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