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'Tis the Season for Joy, Peace, & Love... SO WHY DON'T I FEEL LIKE IT?

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Kelly Neff Speaks Tuesday Treasures - 'Tis the Season for Joy, Peace, & Love
Photo: Kelly Neff

I have been dreading the holidays with everything that is in me. Right now I do not feel much like joy, peace, and love. My insides are all twisted and tangled up. Sometimes I get angry. Sometimes I cry. Sometimes I yell. Most of the time I can't think straight. I am walking a fine line between facing my sorrow and pain and filling my life with busyness to avoid it altogether.

Since I began this blog I have been looking back at things I have written over the last twenty-five years for inspiration. Today I came across a poem I wrote on Novemeber 29th, 2007. It was like someone hit me upside the head and said, "maybe you ought to practice what you preach girl."

Beware of Negative Thoughts

Beware of negative thoughts for they do not come from above.

They come from an enemy who seeks to steal your joy, your peace, your love.

Learn to recognize them quickly before you are caught in the enemy’s lair.

If you don’t you’ll soon find yourself complaining that life is just not fair.

Instead, you must replace these thoughts with God’s truth and believe

That you can do all things through Christ and His blessings you will receive.

I am going to share a secret with y'all. The funny thing about all of the things I write is that they are really just me "talking" to myself instead of "listening" to myself. While I am always hopeful it will benefit someone else out there, it is my way of implementing the lessons I am learning. It is so much easier to "listen" to yourself and believe the bad things. It takes so much more effort to "talk" to yourself and speak truths, but... it will change your life!

Today I am choosing to beware of negative thoughts because they steal my joy, my peace, and my love. I pray you will too dear friend!


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Kelly Neff
Kelly Neff
Nov 28, 2018

Thank you for commenting! Yes, it most definitely is a battle. Keep talking girl! 💗


Nov 28, 2018

This is so true. Thank you for the reminder. I try to talk to myself every day to avoid the negative thoughts, but sometimes it can be a battle!


Kelly Neff
Kelly Neff
Nov 28, 2018

Thank you for commenting. It is wonderful to know when someone else has been helped too, it gives me purpose!💗


Nov 28, 2018

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I needed this today. You have always had a way of speaking directly to me...even when you are talking to yourself. Love you, friend!

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