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Cracked Pots! ~ Shattered & Broken

Hi Friends,

Yesterday marked nine months since losing Randy to cancer. I dread the 25th of each month, but yesterday was a particularly difficult day. So, I decided to get out my notebook and pen and write to help let the emotion out. The following poem is the result of that process. I hope it is a help to someone else out there who is shattered and broken at the moment. I know it may not feel like it, but winter is only a season my friend and spring is coming! Remember we can't let our feelings dictate our direction, we must choose to believe what is true and know that our feelings will eventually follow.

By Kelly Neff, February 25, 2019

The pain inside is so great

I feel like I'm being crushed

By a thousand-pound weight

My heart aches as the tears flow

I feel weak inside

As my fears grow

I cry and cry until

I feel like I can't breathe

When it's all poured out and I am still

It's then He whispers, “remember what you believe”

Fear, Insecurity, and Guilt - they do not come from Me

When your mind is filled with doubt

Choose to trust Me and you will see

These lies are just tools to keep you in chains

They cause you to question My character

In the depths of your pain

These lies are crafty in their design

They desire to turn you against me

So, recognize them as warning signs

If you seek Me, you will find

I love you more than you'll ever know

But there’s a battle being waged for your mind

It rages day and night

You see, the lies know

That if you listen to them

You give them the power to control where you go

But think on what's true, noble, right, and pure

I am the One who's already set you free

Don't fall prey to the hunter’s lure

He prowls around day by day

Minute by minute, hour by hour

It’s sport to him, a game he plays

Watching and waiting on someone to devour

I have given you keys

To demolish prison doors

To simply believe is not enough to be free

You must put the key in and turn to unlock

Don’t hesitate, do it quickly my friend

When your captor finds out he will try to block

Your attempt to get out

Then fears flood your mind

And lies begin to shout

They grow louder and louder as they seek to win

The battle of your mind

To control you from within

It is not easy, but it can be done

You have the power to take thoughts captive

Because the battle has already been fought and won!

The liar says I don't want you to have fun and if I were good, why would I allow you to feel pain?

Don’t you know how much I love you? I have come to set you free!

To give you abundant life, not a mere existence filled with shame

If you look in My book it is plain to see

I give you clear instruction

on life’s difficulties

I promise to never leave you and I show you how to chart

Your course to avoid pitfalls and pain

Which the enemy uses to keep us apart

I love you so much I’ve given you the freedom to choose me… or not

My desire is that all would choose Me

Oh, how my heart aches over those who do not!

Listen to me dear one… I want to do immeasurably more for you than you can ever ask or imagine!

When you get caught up asking why I would allow such pain

Keep walking toward Me my child, I promise to turn your mourning into joy

Make beauty from your ashes, and give you purpose through your pain

I never promise that things won't get broken

I am an artist, a master carpenter, I can restore all things

Because My words have power when they are spoken

When things are shattered to pieces, beyond repair, sure...

I know it looks like a mess

But I can make them new and better than before

Come to me all who are weary and broken and I will give you peace and rest

~Blessings to all of the other cracked pots who are shattered and broken out there, may you find peace and rest!

Romans 12:2

Philippians 4: 4-9

2 Corinthians 10: 3-5

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