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Sticky Notes

Kelly Neff Speaks ~ Tuesday Treasures ~ Sticky Notes 6-25-19
Photo: Pixabay, Alexandra_Koch

We often use sticky notes to help us remember to do important things. We stick them in places that will call our attention to items that need to be addressed.

I have come to believe that recurring thoughts, dreams, and memories of painful experiences from our past are much like sticky notes. They are reminders. They are red flags that catch our attention. The problem is we often ignore them, push them aside, or stuff them deeper into our pile of emotions without realizing their purpose.

We get irritated when we continue to see them time and time again. We often try to rid ourselves of these pesky post-its, not recognizing that they are meant to call our attention to pain points. What seems like a nuisance, an irritation, or an unwanted distraction, is actually a sticky note that is pinpointing an area in our life that needs to be addressed. These sticky notes are a reminder, a call to action.

We all have wounds that need our attention. Deep wounds need to be cleaned out, treated so infection doesn’t set in, and bandaged for proper healing to take place. Deep wounds often leave a scar behind. Scars are evidence of the battles we have been through. It takes time, patience, and persistence, but even scars are able to be softened by applying a balm while rubbing over the scar with a fair amount of pressure. This can be uncomfortable and even somewhat painful but releasing the tightness of the scar and diminishing its appearance is worth the effort.

May we learn to recognize and embrace the sticky notes in our lives as a call to action. May we be willing to address the pain, clean out the wounds, and apply a balm with pressure to the scars left behind so we may experience the peace and freedom that healing brings.


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